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Having seen Jared Polis’s misleading campaign ad attacking Cary Kennedy for the umpteenth time, I am sharing some direct insight about his claim that he “led” the effort to increase funding for every school in Colorado – and from where the actual leadership came.  I was the campaign manager for that effort – Amendment 23.  Cary Kennedy conceived the amendment, wrote it and led the effort to explain it, debate it and advocate for it.  Working with a crew of tenacious women, they fought for and won the Amendment 23 election.  Cary’s ability as citizen leader was clear:  She identified a problem, identified a solution and built momentum to fix it.


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Of all the arguments made against gun safety proposals, far and away the most ridiculous is the "why have laws at all" argument. "But criminals won't follow the law! It won't make any difference!" We don't have laws for criminals. We have laws for the rest of us, so we can tell the difference and punish those who break them. Should we eliminate laws against rape? Against robbery? People still drive drunk, but the Colorado legislature passed a felony drunk-driving law with severe penalties last year. Should we not have bothered?


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If you’re involved in Colorado politics and lean left, there’s a good chance you know Laura Chapin. If you lean right, there’s an even better chance you’ve felt her sting. Ask anyone who’s jousted with her on Twitter, where the Denver-based progressive Democratic strategist and opinion blogger for U.S. News has been known to scorch […]

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Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 16, 201641min452

DENVER — Good morning and happy Rollercoaster Day. This year, the polls aren't really riding it, pretty much hovering within a few points — good for one party (?,), pretty bad for the other (? ) right now. Today it was announced that Colorado Democratic darling Ken Salazar has picked up an influential role in the Clinton campaign, a bunch of staffers — including one state Senator — were named to the Trump Colorado campaign and much more. Keep reading for your dive into the deep end of all things Colorado politics this August 16 ...


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsApril 5, 201629min544

Here’s Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ version of spring break: Visited nine county clerks. Checked out five newspaper offices. Attended three Go Code Colorado competitions. Spoke at one Club 20 event. And all in four days. Williams began his trip Wednesday morning in Greeley, where he met with Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes. By late afternoon he was in Pagosa Springs, talking to Archuleta County Clerk June Madrid and touring The Pagosa Springs Sun newsroom.

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By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright _@JaredWright_ Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Your substrata feed straight from Colorado's politics pipeline. Keyser racks three-fer endorsements, Myers endorses Jenet, Young vows to stay in, Super Tuesday Round III, polling predictions, Moreno annointed and more "The endorsement process is an evolution. What you try to do is you endorse someone that you believe in and their ideas and their solutions align with yours." — Herman Cain

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By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright _@JaredWright_ Tuesday, March 8, 2016 DENVER — In case you didn't turn on any device yesterday, Michael Bloomberg will not be seeking a third party (or any) run for the presidency in 2016. Oh yes, and all the five of the Republican's gun bills were smothered in House State Affairs committee yesterday. Tack on Peyton Manning's retirement speech and that is probably all you were able to see yesterday in the news since it drowned out pretty much any other topic. That said, Bloomberg's decision is a significant one. The gun bill reruns? Meh ... "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." — John Adams Now, your substrata feed straight from the politics pipeline: