Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsAugust 14, 20185min2764

Let’s fix our roads without a massive 21 percent increase of our state sales tax. The collaborative cronyists' proposal, "Let's Go Colorado" — a huge tax increase, allegedly for transportation — hurts everyday, hardworking Coloradans who are chasing their American dream.  If the politicians, bureaucrats, governmental appointees and interested parties behind the proposal, get their way, we’ll pay an additional 21 percent in state sales tax on basic items that make our lives better such as diapers, toilet paper and school supplies.


Jared WrightJared WrightSeptember 23, 20165min434

“The one finger salute. I get a few of those,” said a guy at the gas station as I asked him about his “Trump, Pence” bumper sticker. Mean actions and mean words are not unique to Hillary, NeverTrump, Johnson, Stein or Trump supporters. Each has individuals in their camps who have very bad manners. And they are not unique to politics in 2016. Larry Tagg notes in his piece, “Evidence for the Unpopular Mr. Lincoln” that Lincoln was called, “a braying ass, wishy-washy, namby-pamby, imbecile, disgusting & a facetious pettifogger.” Ouch!


Kim MonsonJuly 23, 20155min337
Great societies care about how they treat their neighbors and are concerned about the legacy they pass on to their children. Recently, Lone Tree City Council voted on three intergovernmental agreements to help fund the Southeast Light Rail Extension. The overriding issue is accepting federal money for regional projects. America was founded on the idea […]

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