John TomasicJohn TomasicMay 9, 20177min493

Let Colorado Vote, the group advocating for open primary elections in the state, celebrated legislative leadership on Monday tied to <a href="" target="_blank">Senate Bill 305</a> in a way that lawmakers involved with the bill suggested was little tied to experience on the ground at the Capitol. “The thousands of grassroots activists who helped enact the open primary law were frankly shocked that legislators would try a blatant end run around the voters,” Let Colorado Vote Vice Chair John Hereford was quoted in an email blast to supporters. “But thanks to the leadership of Senators Hill and Moreno and Governor Hickenlooper, the most egregious provisions of the bill were spiked. There’s still work to do, but the highest principal of [Proposition] 108 is intact — unaffiliated voters have the right to vote in a primary without being forced to affiliate with a political party.”


John TomasicJohn TomasicMay 8, 201715min796

Debate inside and outside the Legislature around how to best implement the state’s new voter-approved open primary elections has grown hotter by the hour as the legislative session barrels toward closing day. On Monday, the Senate advanced <a href="" target="_blank">Senate Bill 305</a> to the House. The bill is meant to guide the secretary of state’s office in writing rules this summer for party primary elections that would be held next summer and that would be open for the first time to independent or non-party-affiliated voters — the state’s largest voting bloc. Thirty senators voted in support of the bill and five — all Republicans — voted in opposition.