Hal BidlackHal BidlackAugust 10, 20186min365

One of the great good fortunes in my life was the opportunity to meet and ultimately become a friend of the late John Denver. John was a remarkable man and a gifted songwriter and singer. He sold millions of records and was a kind and gentle soul. It was his music, way back when I was still in High School in Michigan, that first called me to Colorado. The Air Force was kind enough to send me to the American west, first to Cheyenne to serve as a “finger on the button” ICBM launch officer, and then to Colorado Springs to join the faculty at the Air Force Academy. From that day until today, there has never been a time I drove onto the Academy, looked at the majesty of the Rocky Mountain high in front of me, and was not touched by the wonder of the mountains, the beauty, the majesty of Colorado.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackApril 13, 20187min304

One of the great good fortunes of my life was that I had the honor to be a friend of one of Colorado’s favorite sons, John Denver. I got to know John from the environmental side of things and ended up on the Board of Directors of his Windstar Foundation for a while. I loved his music when I first heard it in the 1970s and continue to love both it and John’s message and vision, to this day. I felt very grateful in 1985, when the Air Force decided I could teach at the Air Force Academy and thus come to Colorado to live. I moved here in 1987 and stayed on after my retirement from active duty, because, well, Colorado!

Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirApril 27, 20174min288
Not long ago, we caught up with former state lawmaker and all-around political presence Bob Hagedorn via our Q&A feature. Hagedorn — a Democrat who spent 16 years representing Aurora in both chambers of Colorado’s General Assembly, from 1992 to 2008 — brought us up to speed on his latest endeavors: advancing Aurora’s budding arts scene and helping reinvigorate the […]

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