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Jimmy Sengenberger is no stranger to the news in Colorado Politics or the radio airwaves of Denver, but now he’s getting national attention.

The president and CEO of Millennial Policy Center and host of the Denver’s Money Talk 1690 show the “Business for Breakfast with Jimmy Sengenberger” is listed by the Western Journal as No. 6 in the “11 Up and Coming Young Conservatives” — quite an honor, listed alongside Fox News regular Katie Pavlich, pro-life activist Lila Rose and muckraker James O’Keefe.

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The Western Journal’s Conservative Tribune said of Sengenberger:

“At some point, Rush Limbaugh will have to give up the golden EIB microphone and Dennis Prager will be gone from the airwaves. Will radio all go over to liberals at that point? Not if Jimmy Sengenberger has anything to do with it. The host of “Business for Breakfast with Jimmy Sengenberger” probably isn’t well known outside of Denver, where he hosts shows on both KDMT-AM and KNUS-AM, but the young host is making a name for himself in a medium that usually skews older in terms of demographics. And he’s been doing it since 2008 — meaning he’s a veteran of an industry when most people his age are simply doing news on the 8’s.”

Sengenberger also serves as president of the Liberty Day Institute, which aims to educate kids about the U.S. Constitution and American government.


Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirFebruary 19, 201815min1343
Jimmy Sengenberger was that way-older-than-his-years, way-ahead-of-the-pack kind of kid you sort of admired and sort of envied — and, admit it, sort of resented — back in middle school. He began listening to Rush on the radio at 12 and was attending Arapahoe County Republican Men’s Club breakfasts by 13. He was putting together high […]

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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirFebruary 6, 20183min1316
(Millennial Policy Center via YouTube)

Denver-area talk radio’s Jimmy Sengenberger and his right-leaning Millennial Policy Center are injecting a dose of fiscal conservatism, along with a shot of zany humor, into the perennial debate over the crushing debt of student loans.

In a low-budget video hat tip to the vintage Boris Karloff flick (and to generations of schlock horror), Sengenberger spars with a zombie while positing some serious points about how to rein in runaway student debt.

“We’re going to devise a plan to eliminate the walking debt,” he promises as a rendering of the walking dead creeps up behind him. Calling the U.S. system of financial aid “fatally flawed,” Sengenberger chides policy makers for eliminating the ability of student borrowers to discharge their debt through bankruptcy filings — a policy he says actually lowers risk for lenders because they know indebted borrowers won’t be able to seek protection. That incentivizes the lenders to keep on lending. Sengenberger wants to restore risk to the student debt equation.

His market-driven take on the dilemma facing more and more college students includes some familiar refrains from his slice of the political spectrum. Notably, that the proliferation of relatively easy credit has only driven spiraling tuition ever higher, “forcing students to take out more loans just to keep up.” It’s the inevitable interaction of supply and demand. Meanwhile, student-loan forgiveness, as some advocate, would be a mistake that “throws student responsibility out the window,” says Sengenberger.

He proposes among other things to let borrowers be able to discharge their debt through bankruptcy after a certain point. That sounds more lenient, but the net effect would be in part to prompt lenders to lend more conservatively as they’d face greater risk of losing their stake in a bankruptcy ruling.

Agree or disagree with Sengenberger, tune in for his thought-provoking monologue. Then, stay tuned for the rent-a-zombie. You’ll have to supply your own popcorn.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 18, 20184min690

Flu season collided with campaign season this week, sidelining Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo for a few days and keeping him from participating Wednesday night in a forum sponsored by the Colorado Hispanic Republicans — after organizers initially said Tancredo couldn't take part but then relented after his supporters raised a hue and cry and enough money to help sponsor the forum.