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Why can’t more political activism be like this?

Wednesday, Gov. John Hickenlooper was heard from quite possibly the state’s shortest lobbyists, more than two dozen kids assembled by the group Colorado Moms Know Best to thank him for supporting clean-air programs.

They cited, most recently, his executive order in May to keep Colorado in step with goals of the Paris climate accord, as President Trump pulled the nation out of the voluntary global pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And they gave the governor a singing telegram. Are you ready for this? Here are the words to “This Air is Your Air,” respect to Woody Guthrie.

This Air is your Air
This Air is my Air
We need to take care
Reduce our Carbon Footprint
Wind and Solar Power
Is all around us
This air is shared by you and me

This State is your State
This State is my State
From the Rockies and Basins
To the Mesas beyond them
For being a leader
Clean Energy and air for you and me!

A professional telegram singer, Randi Sunshine (that’s her real name), in a sun costume, signifying renewable energy, lead the chorus for clean-air.

According to an account of what happened from the organization, “head mom” Jen Clanahan gave the governor a basket of candy.

“As moms, rewarding good behavior with treats comes naturally to us,” she said in a statement. “Our number one concern is our children so we do everything in our power to ensure the best environment for our kids, whether that’s the school they go to, their safety or the very air they breathe.”

Colorado Moms
Jen Clanahan, head mom at Colorado Moms Know Best, talks with Gov. John Hickenlooper at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon. (Photo courtesy of Colorado Moms Know Best)

The moms noted that the American Lung Association’s most recent
“State of the Air Report” flunked 10 Colorado counties, particularly in metro Denver.

“Pollution leads to respiratory and other ailments, and children are one of the groups most at risk of the impacts of poor air quality,” the organization said in a release. “That means hundreds of thousands of children live every day in dirty air that threatens their health.

Through phone calls, letters and petitions Colorado Moms has has pushed the climate change issue at the Capitol, even creating a climate change adopted by the Girl Scouts of Colorado. The life-sized statue of horse in the lobby of the Governor’s Office, the Moms did that.

“The stakes are too high and we can’t do it all alone so we count on our elected officials to protect public health,” Clanahan said. “Gov. Hickenlooper’s actions show that he is serious about his declaration that Colorado should have the cleanest air in the country. We’re counting on him to follow through with the state’s commitments and today we pledge our support to take the necessary steps to do so.”