Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinJanuary 11, 20175min433

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams has joined his peers across the country in expressing disappointment with the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to classify election systems as “critical infrastructure” without a promised collaboration process. A news release from Williams' office said one concern is that the classification may give the federal government more control over elections, which are run by states and local governments. The designation was made Friday, Jan. 6.


Eric TuckerEric TuckerAugust 29, 20162min340

The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers breached related data systems in two states. In a confidential "flash" alert from its cyber division, first reported by Yahoo News and posted online by others, the FBI said it's investigating the pair of incidents and advised states to scan their systems for specific signs of hacking.