Rachael WrightRachael WrightMarch 2, 201715min389

…Twenty Years Ago This Week in The Colorado Statesman … The Colorado General Assembly seemed to have lawmakers' heads stuck in the corporate law section of the Colorado Revised Statutes. At the start of the 1997 legislative session, the Colorado Bar Association pushed two measures in the Legislature that would have far reaching impact in corporate law, and would likely help corporate lawyers make a little extra cash too. One bill revised the Nonprofit Corporation Act and another changed Colorado’s partnership law, while still another helped define the role of partners in a business entity should creditors come knocking.


Wellington WebbWellington WebbNovember 15, 201614min494

As we begin to digest the 2016 election results, let me begin with our successes. First, I want to congratulate Denver voters on our 80 percent turnout, which is outstanding. I also want to congratulate Emmy Ruiz for running a great campaign in Colorado for Hillary Clinton. She helped make Colorado blue and bring Hillary our vote. Emmy was calm throughout the campaign, met with everyone she needed to and kept focus. It’s unfortunate we didn’t have more people like her nationwide. I’m also glad Denver and metro voters endorsed continuing the tax on the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District along with the Denver Public Schools bond proposal. Additionally, it was gratifying voters statewide understood the need to protect our Constitution and endorsed Amendment 71.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 22, 201631min825

Republican political consultant Dustin Olson has been at the center of national politics and numerous local campaigns — he and his wife, Carolyn, just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Olson Strategies & Advertising, their Colorado-based firm — but it was a few days he spent touring Civil War battlefields and shopping at Wal-Mart with a comic actor who once wrote speeches for Richard Nixon that propelled him on his path.