Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinDecember 16, 201610min418

A constitutional amendment that would reduce the lengthy and repetitive language regarding judicial retention questions on election ballots is on Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams' wish list for the upcoming state legislative session. Williams and his staff outlined his legislative plans to the Bipartisan Election Advisory Committee Thursday, Dec. 15. The committee includes county clerks, state and political party officials and citizens groups.


Steve ToolSteve ToolFebruary 26, 20165min403

In his final State of the Union address, President Obama lamented that partisan division and polarization had increased during his tenure. He laid part of the blame on gerrymandered congressional districts, stating, “In America, politicians should not pick their voters; voters should pick their politicians.” Here in Colorado, a bipartisan group of leaders has come together to end gerrymandering. The result is newly-filed Initiative 107. If approved by voters this fall, this measure would put in place a best-in-the-nation system for redrawing political districts. As former legislators representing both political parties, we urge Coloradans’ to support this initiative.