Rachel Riley, The GazetteRachel Riley, The GazetteApril 12, 20181min514

The Colorado Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from El Paso County after a 4th Judicial District Judge ordered the release of two inmates who were being held solely at the request of federal immigration enforcement authorities.

The ACLU of Colorado sued Sheriff Bill Elder on Feb. 27 on behalf of two inmates, arguing that the Sheriff’s Office has illegally kept people in jail “for days, weeks, even months” after they posted bond or resolved their cases, because ICE asked that those inmates be detained.

On March 20, 4th Judicial District Judge Eric Bentley granted a preliminary injunction, ordering the Sheriff’s Office to honor bonds for two ACLU of Colorado clients – Saul Cisneros and Rut Noemi Chavez Rodriguez – who were held at the request of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) but who otherwise were eligible for release.

The county appealed Bentley’s decision to the Colorado Supreme Court.

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