Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsJuly 12, 20185min330

As your readers may know, Denver will be voting in November on a proposal to raise Denver’s sales tax approximately 25 cents per $100. The money raised will go toward funding for detox programs, suicide prevention services, community preventative measures, and other services. If passed in November, the $45 million generated by Caring for Denver would create the sustainable funding that Denver has needed for years to address this mounting crisis of homelessness and substance abuse. 

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 22, 201615min420

DENVER — Same story, different year. With the start of the Colorado legislative session just 20 days off, media speculation and a tad bit of media bias is beginning to sprout through the freshly fallen snow; media bias in the sense of which bills, which lawmakers and which in-fighting will be the biggest news. Despite those rumors, reporters just like telling a kick-butt story and media companies like the corresponding revenue to keep afloat. Remember that you heard it here first. As long as we’re looking at the calendar, we are only two days away from the beginning of Hanukkah, three days from Christmas and 10 days from 2017. So, do yourself a favor … spend some time with those you love and those that (there must be a few) love you in return. Heck maybe even spend a little time helping those in need. There's a thought! It’s been a long year for those in political circles! Time for a small respite.