Dianne PrimaveraDianne PrimaveraMarch 12, 20185min1110

Isn’t it logical that health care should be about improving a patient’s health? “Non-medical switching” is a heartbreaking example of when it isn’t. It is the term used to describe how patients, oftentimes with chronic illnesses, are forced by their insurance plan to take less expensive medications that, studies show, are often less effective. It takes medical decision-making out of the hands of doctors and patients. The decisions are made by patients’ insurance companies. Insurance companies are the only winners.


David O. WilliamsDavid O. WilliamsNovember 5, 20179min904
Former Obama field organizer and state legislative policy analyst Dylan Roberts wasn’t planning to jump back into politics after he got his law degree from the University of Colorado and landed a job as a deputy district attorney in Eagle County. Then Trump happened. “I was going to take a break from politics for a […]

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Tom RamstackTom RamstackOctober 12, 20176min632
WASHINGTON — Colorado U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette argued in favor of a discount drug pricing plan Wednesday while the president tries to overturn much of the previous administration’s health care program. President Trump said he would sign executive orders as soon as this week to eliminate some Affordable Care Act insurance rules. The 340B drug […]

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Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 19, 20175min593

More Coloradans than ever have health insurance, according to a massive biennial survey released Tuesday, although the state continues to see lower rates of coverage outside the Denver metro area. The Colorado Health Access Survey found the number of state residents without health insurance dipped slightly to 6.5 percent from 6.7 percent in 2015 — the first year the survey reflected full implementation of the Affordable Care Act — and that consistency could be the big news in this year’s survey, its sponsors say.