Jared WrightJared WrightJanuary 24, 20174min422

Many of you reading this won’t remember the 2010 Colorado legislative session. Heck, think to yourself if you can recall any legislation passed back then. You likely won’t remember much of what happened that session, but if I mentioned “The Dirty Dozen” I bet you will remember those 12 overreaching taxes proposed, and passed by the Democrats in the state House and Senate during what they declared a “fiscal emergency” requiring extraordinary measures to save the state budget. While no one can argue that our state was in a fiscal turmoil in 2010, the partisan solutions varied as much as the politics itself. We ended up getting stuck with 9 new tax increases to help fill the budget shortfall projected that year and were able to skate by without major cuts in services, which is what Democrats cried would be necessary if these taxes weren’t passed by the Legislature.