Ramsey ScottRamsey ScottJuly 15, 20166min337

The talk about how Denver should promote affordable housing has gone from what path the city should take to whether or not the proposed $150 million plan over 10 years will go to the right places, and are the right groups paying their fare share. The plan announced during Mayor Michael Hancock’s State of the City speech Monday, July 11 and a subsequent press conference Tuesday, will create a dedicated fund for affordable housing that is estimated to produce 6,000 units in the 10-year time frame. The fund will be supplied by the city putting 0.5 mills of property tax revenue from residential and commercial units and a fee on new commercial and residential developments in the city.


Ramsey ScottRamsey ScottJuly 12, 20168min325

Mayor Michael Hancock delivered his annual State of the City address Monday above the new RTD Light Rail stop at Denver International Airport to a crowd of local and state politicians and community leaders from across the metro area. While Hancock said the state of Denver was strong, his assessment was called into question just a few hours later on the footsteps of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building by a group of homeless advocates, who criticized the city’s sweeps of homeless residents and use of certain funds to pay for such sweeps.