Eric TuckerEric TuckerAugust 29, 20162min338

The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers breached related data systems in two states. In a confidential "flash" alert from its cyber division, first reported by Yahoo News and posted online by others, the FBI said it's investigating the pair of incidents and advised states to scan their systems for specific signs of hacking.


Jill ColvinJill ColvinAugust 9, 20167min282

Republican Donald Trump and his allies are suggesting that rival Hillary Clinton's emails may be responsible for the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist who was executed for spying for the United States, even though there is no credible evidence of any such link. Some emails released by the State Department that had passed through Clinton's homebrew server appeared to reference the scientist, Shahram Amiri.


Florence SebernFlorence SebernAugust 2, 20164min373

Democrats and some election officials were likely pleased to see the RNC remove longstanding, strong advocacy for secure elections from the 2016 Republican Platform. State Rep. Justin Everett, R-Littleton, who was involved in the decision, has said that blame belongs with Colorado’s rank-and-file Republicans for failing to lobby him to retain key principles.


Lisa LererLisa LererAugust 1, 20168min315

Fellow Republicans are joining the rising chorus of criticism of Donald Trump for his disparagement of the bereaved parents of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim who was awarded a Bronze Star after he was killed in 2004 in Iraq. The roll of GOP senators publicly taking Trump to task reached at least five on Monday, including John McCain of Arizona, who said in a statement that the fact that Trump won his party's nomination doesn't give him "unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us."