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Ernest LuningErnest LuningDecember 9, 20175min9840

State Rep. Steve Lebsock, the Thornton Democrat facing complaints he sexually harassed a fellow lawmaker and a former lobbyist, on Friday chastised social media denizens who've been heaping criticism on state Rep. Lori Saine, the Firestone Republican arrested and jailed this week at Denver International Airport for bringing a loaded handgun to a security checkpoint.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackOctober 4, 20179min5372

When I awoke this Monday morning, it was my intention to write another column for Wednesday that would hopefully offer a few thoughts on political happenings or unusual events in our national or state capitols. I had no plans to write on guns. I’m a gun owner myself, as well as a former military cop. I’m also a middle-of-the-road moderate (which means here in Colorado Springs I’m often seen as a leftist; in grad school I was viewed as a right-winger), and a westerner, and I don’t usually get as excited about the gun issue as some. So, I had no plans to write on guns. Then I turned on the morning news.


Joey BunchJoey BunchSeptember 5, 20173min87
The news came as a surprise Saturday night when Rep. Pete Lee told a gathering of Democrats at Colorado College he planned to run for Sen. Mike Merrifield’s District 11 seat. Merrifield could run for another term, before term limits force him out in 2022. He beat Republican Bernie Herpin in 2014, after Herpin unseated […]

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Peter MarcusPeter MarcusJuly 31, 20172min1416

The number of concealed carry handgun permits in Colorado jumped 56 percent in recent months, according to a recent report.

Under President Obama, concealed handgun permits grew — a reaction to concerns that the administration would push a heavy gun control agenda. Permits grew to more than 16 million under Obama, underscoring a 256 percent increase since 2007.

Interest, however, continues to grow under President Trump, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, which conducted the study released earlier this month. Some gun-makers and dealers feared a drop because of Trump’s strong support of gun rights.

Colorado saw one of the highest increases in the country. With the recent surge, 9 percent of adults in Colorado now have a concealed carry permit, according to the report.

It highlighted that there were 248,478 permits in Colorado as of December 2016. There were 388,646 permits by April 30 of this year.

Nationally, handgun permits in the United States soared by 1.83 million since last July. The total number of permits in the country rose to 16.3 million. The study also found that the biggest increases were among women and blacks.

Nationally, concealed handgun permits are held by more than 6 percent of adults. Alabama, Indiana and South Dakota lead the pack, with 20 percent, 16 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

Women account for 36 percent of the total number of permit holders nationally, according to CPRC. Only a handful of states, however, keep that specific data. In those states, between 2012 and 2016, they saw a 326 percent faster increase in permits among women than among men.

Of states that keep records on race, from 2012 to 2016, the number of blacks who have permits grew 30 percent faster than whites who have them.