Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 20, 20174min256
What if you were the ruler of Colorado’s budget, all by yourself? How would you spend the roughly $28.5 billion budget the state might have (unless the economy keeps sputtering)? You can. Check this out. The Colorado Association of School Boards and Great Education Colorado have a crazy-simple online tool called Mission: Possible. You can get […]

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Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinSeptember 21, 201617min348

A proposed constitutional amendment to add stricter regulations to the sale of marijuana and related products in Colorado did not make the Nov. 8 general election ballot because the industry "bought off" companies that help gather petition signatures, backers of the failed measure claim. A marijuana industry official called the allegation untrue and backers "old school" in their total opposition to marijuana.


Susan MeekSusan MeekJune 30, 20166min345

Coloradans, start your research. With 24 ballot proposals approved for petition circulation, your signature is highly desired and you are the deciders as to which ones reach the ballot. These initiatives have a direct impact on our quality of life in Colorado and it’s our responsibility to be informed, engaged and part of this process. If we aren’t engaged, we really can’t complain about the outcome, can we?