Hugh McKeanHugh McKeanAugust 6, 20185min1734

At first glance, hearing that Colorado’s Democratic Party State Executive and Central Committee recently voted in resounding favor to support the oil-and-gas-killing Initiative 97 was not surprising. But as I thought more about the message this endorsement sends to all of Colorado I became increasingly frustrated by the news. I understand that there is an activist wing that has been vocally opposed to the oil and gas industry, and while I challenge any activist supporting this initiative to explain how Colorado’s economy, and more importantly Colorado’s K-12 schools, could adjust to billions in lost revenue if this industry was forced out of the state, I never expected the state Democratic Party to officially endorse this economically-crippling position. I am shocked and deeply concerned about what this means for Colorado.


Jack TateJack TateJuly 9, 20186min1484

Gov. Hickenlooper recently signed an executive order directing his appointees at the Air Quality Control Commission to promulgate a new rule adopting California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards for new vehicle sales in Colorado beginning in 2022. If successful, the governor’s plan will very likely cost Coloradans billions of dollars in higher vehicle prices and taxpayer subsidies.


Matt HamiltonMatt HamiltonJuly 9, 20186min1352

Colorado’s outdoor industry employs 228,000 and generates $28 billion for our economy. Gov. John Hickenlooper’s executive order on the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard is critical for our continued economic growth. His action to direct adoption of this clean car standard is to be applauded — especially at a time when our federal government seems determined to roll back federal fuel efficiency standards in a move that will harm public health, consumer choice, and the economy. Companies across Colorado should be applauding Hickenlooper’s efforts to safeguard fuel efficiency because it is critical to all of our future success.