Doug RobinsonDoug RobinsonMay 14, 20183min2010

The 2018 legislative session ended in a photo-finish on Wednesday night. At (literally) the eleventh hour, a number of critical bills made it through the statehouse, as lawmakers found hard-fought compromises to the session’s toughest issues. Fixes on transportation, PERA, and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission all came within the final 72 hours of the 120-day session.


Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandApril 27, 20185min426

The Senate Friday came up with a compromise on the reauthorization of the state's Division of Civil Rights and Civil Rights Commission, but it's a compromise only in the Senate between the two caucuses, as House sponsors told Colorado Politics they hadn't been consulted nor had they seen what the Senate came up with until the day of the debate.