Hal BidlackHal BidlackApril 24, 20186min344

It’s all about the jobs, right? Economic development means more jobs for more people, and that’s how we grow our prosperity. Therefore, I was intrigued by a very interesting article here on Colorado Politics, authored by Mark Harden. Mr. Harden reported on the results of a survey of residents in the 20 cities selected by Amazon as finalists for their proposed second headquarters building (isn’t it interesting that a company can be so big that I don’t have to explain the single-word name? Amazon! Target! Cher?).


Joey BunchJoey BunchOctober 10, 20171min540

If there’s one thing kids can’t get enough of, it’s state Senate President Kevin Grantham.

Perhaps that’s why the local lawmaker led off a middle school assembly in Canon City Monday about the importance of online safety.

“The Online Safety Roadshow: How to Be Internet Awesome” stopped at Harrison Middle School with Grantham as its headliner. The program was created by Google.

Grantham was flanked by a couple of Google employees who talked about things such as password safety, scams and being kind to others online.

“With students having greater access to the Internet through cell phones and other devices, it is important that they learn to use these tools responsibly,” Amber Tillman, a Google spokesperson, said in a statement. “The Online Safety Roadshow: How to Be Internet Awesome teaches students how to be smart and safe online through a fun and interactive assembly.”

Google offers its tips online, in case Grantham’s Google show isn’t coming to a town near you.


Tom RamstackTom RamstackNovember 15, 20168min392

A new immigration program is set to take effect early next year to encourage foreign-based startup companies to locate in the United States. Supporters of the "International Entrepreneur Rule" include Rep. Jared Polis (D-Boulder), who says the rule will bring new jobs and income to Americans. Polis has been a strong advocate of immigration reform. The program was proposed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The public comment period for the international entrepreneur rule ended last month.