Rachael WrightRachael WrightApril 13, 201711min321

Twenty Years Ago This Week in the Colorado Statesman … When she was elected in 1994, Secretary of State Vikki Buckley became the first African-American woman to be elected in statewide office in Colorado. She spent 22 years working her way up through the ranks of the secretary of state’s office, and eventually became second in command of the elections division.


Rachael WrightRachael WrightDecember 15, 201612min343

Twenty Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Republican Secretary of State Victoria Buckley found herself under a bit of a microscope with the legislative branch. Buckley was forced to defend her campaign's actions, coming under fire by the Colorado General Assembly's Audit Committee. The state auditor had released a report finding that Buckley had accepted campaign contributions from organizations and individuals the secretary of state's office was responsible for regulating: bingo and raffle operators. Serving her first term at the time, Buckley took issue with the auditor’s recommendation that she not solicit or accept contributions from people she regulated. Neither the state constitution nor Colorado election laws prohibited such things, Buckley said. In her opinion, this included the incident she was being criticized for: accepting proceeds from a $500-per-couple fundraiser thrown by lobbyist Freda Poundstone. Some of the people Poundstone had invited to the event were bingo and raffle operators as well as the landlords of properties where those games were played.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 30, 201613min407

Thirty Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Cities across the country were facing challenges in the face of economic pressures — a recent survey showed that 60 percent of 660 American cities were facing budget deficits in 1986 — but Denver was not demoralized, said Mayor Federico Peña in his State of the City address. “We will not decline. We are optimizing our resources so that basic services can be maintained. And we have a local economy that, while presently weak, is still basically sound and diverse,” Peña said.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 9, 201614min372

Twenty-five Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Legislators were working overtime in a special session called by Gov. Roy Romer to put together an incentive deal to bring “a billion-dollar shower of money” to the Denver area by luring a United Airlines maintenance center, a reservations “megacenter” and expanded flight operations by the carrier at the new Denver International Airport.