Kimmi LewisKimmi LewisMarch 16, 20186min753

When legislation for perpetual conservation easements was first proposed in the United States Congress, the terms “rare” and “unique” were used to describe conservation easements eligible for the federal income tax deduction.  The program was intended to be used judiciously for the purpose of giving landowners a financial incentive to give up their surface development rights from now until the end of time.  


Greg BrophyGreg BrophyApril 6, 20163min445

Editor: Local ground water management districts protect the underground water rights of farmers and other residents of rural Colorado. House Bill 1337, now under consideration at the state Capitol, will ensure that water speculators cannot play deceptive games in court in order to exhaust the limited legal budgets of these districts. HB 1337 will clarify a recent court decision which found that state law was unclear regarding whether new evidence could be introduced when decisions of the Ground Water Commission are appealed in district court. Essentially, the court said that entirely new evidence can be presented in court — evidence that was never considered by the commission or local ground water district.