Adam McCoyAdam McCoyOctober 23, 20169min729

Exchanges started predictably with, “who is Evan McMullin?” Saturday afternoon on Denver’s 16th Street as supporters of the independent candidate for president tried to rally excitement and educate voters on a campaign that’s a mere two months old — an infancy in the life of a presidential campaign. Serving as a primer to an in-person visit from McMullin Tuesday at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, the small group of about 20 marched from Union Station to the state Capitol building wielding campaign signs and hawking campaign literature. The largely unknown candidate’s grassroots campaign in Colorado, steered by local political newcomers, has become a new home for “never-Trump” voters and disenchanted conservatives, some of whom planned on staying home on Election Day until McMullin declared his candidacy.


Michelle PriceMichelle PriceAugust 18, 201611min303

When it became apparent that Donald Trump would win the Republican presidential nomination, Andy Rasmussen's path seemed clear: he resigned his GOP leadership position in northern Utah and left the party to become an unaffiliated voter. Now Rasmussen and thousands of Utah Republicans wary of Trump are left scrambling to settle on a candidate of choice come Election Day.

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 18, 201631min404

DENVER — This morning we rise to greet new possibilities, To stab campaign signs into our lawns, Or other people's lawns, Or to tear them from other people's lawns, Secretly under cloak of night, That's you, not me, I have better things to do, Watch Trump, Watch Clinton, Will it be Clinton?, Or Trump?, Perhaps Johnson or Stein? (N ...

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 12, 201633min467

DENVER — Good morning and Happy Friday to all you Colorado political critters! Today is also World Elephant Day. Don't worry, we will recognize Word Donkey day when it happens. Minimum wage made Colorado's ballot yesterday, and Evan McMullin made it today. Trump is headed back to Colorado. This and much more in today's Hot Sheet. Read on for your ultimate daily dose of Colorado politics ...