Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinNovember 21, 20168min366

A lack of fire stations in the Northeast Denver fire district that caused slow response times, a staffing shortage, and a growing population that led to an increased in calls for service in the Denver Fire Department were issues cited in a city audit report. Fire officials were aware of the slow response time issue and hope to see construction of a new station in that area in the coming year, along with getting a second station included in the City and County of Denver's 2017 general obligation bond issue program, the independent audit committee was told Thursday, Nov. 17.


John TomasicJohn TomasicJuly 28, 201614min488

On the front porches of Colorado Senate District 26, people want to talk about the presidential election pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, of course. Many of the residents don’t know that the race to fill the seat of outgoing Democratic state senator Linda Newell could well decide whether Democrats win a majority in the state’s upper chamber and with it likely control of all the legislative levers at the Capitol. “They’re watching politics at the national level and they’re sick of it. They don’t like the candidates they have to choose between,” said Nancy Doty, Republican Arapahoe County commissioner and former Arapahoe County clerk who is running for Newell’s seat. She’s trying to change their focus. “I tell them, ‘Life doesn’t happen to us in Washington D.C.; it happens to us right here.’”