Kelly SloanKelly SloanDecember 19, 20176min487

Roy Moore lost his bid for U.S. Senate in Alabama last week, and Democrats around the nation celebrated – rightly so, inasmuch as the victory in deepest-of-deep-red Alabama chiseled the GOP Senate majority to a bare 51-49. In their exuberance, many Democrats and liberals hailed the election as a bellwether for the mid-term elections, a catalyst setting off a chain of victories in a Democratic sweep in 2018.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanDecember 12, 20176min502

One Monday last month in Zimbabwe, long-time dictator Robert Mugabe woke up to be told, much to his chagrin, that he no longer dictated. It was in fact quite unclear who did, a coup having taken place over the weekend, spurred by revelations of political maneuvering by Mugabe to ensure his wife would inherit the reins of power upon his death. After the drama played out a few days, featuring the usual farcical posturing, the world’s longest-serving head of state was out, popular sentiment and his opponents armoured vehicles having prevailed over Mugabe’s bluster and indignation. A momentous, and rather welcome, event for Zimbabwe, to be sure; but nonetheless pretty standard stuff for a nation whose grasp of the rule of law – as in most of the world – is tenuous and opportunistic at best.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMay 9, 20176min840

For the second week running, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has found himself on a list of potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, this one compiled by D.C.-insider publication The Hill. And although the former geologist and brewpub pioneer maintains he’s taking no steps toward a run, he recently told a national radio audience that he’s open to considering it after he finishes his term as governor.


Mary MacCarthyApril 13, 20173min273
Have you ever received a medical bill — even though you hadn’t been to the doctor or a hospital in a year? Or opened a letter from a collection agency regarding a debt you had paid off months earlier? If that’s happened to you, you’re not alone. A new report by the Colorado Public Interest Research […]

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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirMarch 8, 20173min366

For what it’s worth just months after Nov. 8’s day of reckoning, go-to online sports book Bovada has posted the latest odds for a wide range of prospective and, in some cases, purely hypothetical presidential contenders in the 2020 race. And our very own Gov. John Hickenlooper — yes, here we go again — comes in at 125:1.

For those of us not all that adept at betting (or at probability and statistics), read that as odds against. Put another way, Hick has roughly a .8 percent chance of becoming the 46th president in 2020. That’s eight-tenths of 1 percent. Or so Bovada handicaps it.

OK, so that’s just an abstract ratio, but how does it rank among the other presumed prospects? He’s a good way down the list.

As expected, there are plenty of prominent pols who do much better. Widely touted Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets odds of 8:1, which translates to about an 11 percent probability of sitting in the Oval Office. That beats the 18:1 odds against Hillary Clinton winning another White House bid. Clinton also trails former First Lady Michelle Obama, rated at 14:1. Vice President Mike Pence is 9:1; Democratic U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is 20:1; Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is 25:1, and so forth.

By the way, only The Donald himself does better than Elizabeth Warren in Bovada’s standings: 2.25:1. That’s a 30 percent chance of re-election; read it and weep, or rejoice.

Now, here’s the fun part:

It isn’t just boring, blah-blah-blah politicians who are on the list. For example, it turns out Hick’s 125:1 odds are tied with those of George Clooney. And why not? Clooney dabbles in politics, and as we all know, he finally has settled down and started a family. And bookending HIck is another Hollywood A-lister, Kevin Spacey, also known to espouse a political view or two. Spacey’s odds: 155:1.

It gets even better. Professional wrestling impresario Vince McMahon and the inimitable Kim Kardashian are tied with last year’s Libertarian Party candidate for president, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. They’re all given odds of 550:1. That’s about two-tenths of 1 percent. So, there’s hope.