Ernest LuningErnest LuningSeptember 21, 20175min7760

Colorado Democrat Michael Baca, one of the so-called "Hamilton electors" who tried to derail Donald Trump's presidential win in the Electoral College, has signed on to a federal lawsuit charging Secretary of State Wayne Williams with voter intimidation because he wouldn't allow Baca to vote for someone other than the winner of Colorado's popular vote.

Joey BunchJoey BunchJanuary 5, 20172min186
U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado is one of several Democrats considering a long-shot challenge to Donald Trump’s presidency before Congress certifies the Electoral College vote in a joint session Friday. The Democrat from Arvada, along with a handful of fellow House Democrats, said it’s evident Russian intelligence interfered in the election, in violation of […]

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Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 23, 201613min1810

DENVER — As we put a shiny red bow onto a YUUUUGE political year, it’s still unclear what — if anything — might be learned. No matter what side of the political struggle you sat on, it's understandable if you're just a smidgen anxious about what’s coming down the turnpike for Colorado and the country. Probably the one and only thing we all can agree on in 2016: change may most certainly be coming … ("No, it's not, the swamp just got filled with different gators, that's all," say all you curmudgeons out their).

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsDecember 20, 201615min1560

DENVER — This time of year is general known as “dead” in most newsrooms. Many reporters are snug in their too-little padding office chairs working (sort of) on year-end stories, new year stories and holiday features. Not the case this year. Between the “faithless electors,” weather that blew in (who knew) and the Denver City Council … There’s more than enough “real” news to go around. Let’s get started and you be the judge … As you are probably well aware, Donald Trump maneuvered the 12th Amendment correctly Monday to put him one step closer to the desk inside the Oval Office. Despite one Colorado “faithless” elector (who was quickly replaced), our little slice of heaven cast its electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. After reaching the magical number of 270, the president-elect blasted a Tweet out from between his palms:


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinDecember 19, 20169min4210

A Colorado elector who refused to cast his Electoral College vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton on Monday, Nov. 19, may face criminal charges. Micheal Baca of Denver was one of the nine electors from Colorado, which voted for Clinton in the Nov. 8 general election for president. The 24-year-old Democrat wore a t-shirt saying "Enough Is Enough," and refused to cast his ballot for Clinton. Moments before, Baca took an oath pledging to support the winner of Colorado's popular vote, Clinton.