Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirApril 25, 20186min452

I have the honor of serving as the director of elections for the City and County of Denver. As a city, Denver is committed to ensuring our citizens have an outstanding voting experience. Our elections team is extraordinarily committed to serving voters and facilitating this fundamental democratic process. All elections are essential  —  from presidential elections to local school board elections  —  and it is our responsibility to support voters throughout the entire process.


Wayne WilliamsWayne WilliamsOctober 26, 20175min783

Every vote matters. I learned that when I was still a teenager.  The mayoral candidate I volunteered for, my friend Bob, lost by 12 votes. A dozen. That hurt. As the El Paso County clerk and recorder I oversaw two school board races that were decided by a single vote. This was after all the provisional ballots had been counted and the recount was finished. A lone vote could have made all the difference. Recent recall elections and other challenges in several counties illustrate how important school board races are to our lives.