Doug RobinsonDoug RobinsonMay 14, 20183min2200

The 2018 legislative session ended in a photo-finish on Wednesday night. At (literally) the eleventh hour, a number of critical bills made it through the statehouse, as lawmakers found hard-fought compromises to the session’s toughest issues. Fixes on transportation, PERA, and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission all came within the final 72 hours of the 120-day session.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackMay 11, 20186min202

How much would you spend out of your own pocket to get hired to a job that pays $90,000 per year? How much would you borrow? How about asking friends to donate? Well, the eight men and women running to succeed John Hickenlooper as Colorado’s next governor are spending quite a lot, often from their own pockets, for a job that pays south of six figures, and which finds roughly half of the people mad at you at any given moment.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsMay 10, 20189min228

The recent opinion piece from Colorado teacher Jill Cullis shed some light on the problems facing Colorado’s schools. Recent increases in funding, with the bulk of those dollars not going to teachers' salaries, is the real problem. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we should highlight the fact that outstanding teachers are making the same salaries as mediocre or even underperforming teachers. In fact, based on outdated salary schedules used in most school districts, many underperforming teachers will make more than their “highly effective” counterparts.  This is an incredible disservice to Colorado educators and students.