Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirApril 6, 20179min204
Throughout her 14 years representing a broad swath of Arapahoe County in the General Assembly — three terms in the House, two terms in the Senate — Nancy Spence was something of a rarity among her peers at the Capitol. A Republican woman — a bit unusual in its own right at the legislature — who voted against the grain of her […]

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Rachael WrightRachael WrightMarch 2, 201715min388

…Twenty Years Ago This Week in The Colorado Statesman … The Colorado General Assembly seemed to have lawmakers' heads stuck in the corporate law section of the Colorado Revised Statutes. At the start of the 1997 legislative session, the Colorado Bar Association pushed two measures in the Legislature that would have far reaching impact in corporate law, and would likely help corporate lawyers make a little extra cash too. One bill revised the Nonprofit Corporation Act and another changed Colorado’s partnership law, while still another helped define the role of partners in a business entity should creditors come knocking.


Rachael WrightRachael WrightFebruary 16, 201711min340

… Twenty Years Ago This Week in The Colorado Statesman … An El Paso County Republican saga continued with self-proclaimed “true conservatives” toppling the “old guard,” seizing the reins of El Paso's Grand Old Party. After staking their campaigns on pro-life and Christian values, they went on to capture the top three party offices and 20 bonus member slots to the state GOP Central Committee. Many contended the social conservative sweep down south marked the end of the “big tent” era when party leadership preached tolerance for those with differing social views, particularly on the topic of abortion. The winners? Colorado Springs attorney Wayne Williams was elected chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, Focus on the Family executive Tom Minnery won vice chairman and Leigh Ann Rauch was chosen secretary. All three were given a stamp of approval by a coalition of “true conservative” Republicans.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinJanuary 11, 201712min585

Even before she took the oath of office, state Rep. Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, readily answered to the title of Speaker of the House. As roll call was taken Wednesday, Jan. 11, the first day of the 71st General Assembly, the clerk asked if the speaker was present and both state Rep. Dixie Hullinghorst, D-Gunbarrel - who wrapped up her term as speaker - and Duran answered "here." Duran then laughed lightly from her seat with family members on the House floor.


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsJune 24, 20167min570

Lawmakers past and present showed up Tuesday to pay tribute to Lee Bahrych, the former chief clerk of the state House who loved the Capitol as much as she despised the pranks rowdy lawmakers were prone to pull. Former staffer Donna Acierno recalled how Bahrych once got so annoyed with Rep. Scott McInnis she grabbed the lawmaker’s ear and made him sit down in his seat. “That was before Scott was in leadership,” Acierno said, with a laugh.