Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsFebruary 28, 20184min1073

As a Type 1 diabetic, I have a choice: inject insulin or die. Every day for the last 46 years, I have injected insulin; if I go 24 hours without it, I will die a horrible death. When insulin was discovered in the 1920s, the patent was sold for one dollar. The researchers wanted to guarantee affordable access to insulin for anyone who needed it. One hundred years later, it’s a different story.


Diana DeGetteDiana DeGetteApril 11, 20176min518

Trumpcare was defeated and the Affordable Care Act saved from repeal last month thanks in large part to the American public. They spoke out passionately on behalf of the ACA in phone calls and emails to their members of Congress. They raised their voices at events like the community forum in Denver where 1,000 of my constituents showed up, the rally that I held where 500 people attended and the listening session where men and women of all ages told their stories about how the ACA has changed their lives for the better.