Peter MarcusPeter MarcusJanuary 30, 201710min297
Uber and Lyft are accustomed to competition. But a new race toward good conscience — highlighted by protests in Denver — offers a glimpse into the morality battle in a Donald Trump era, a war that is reshaping both business and politics. Across social media, #DeleteUber is trending, a plea by those opposed to Trump’s Muslim ban […]

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John TomasicJohn TomasicJanuary 30, 20177min409

Plans being pursued in Washington on major national policy areas such as health care, tax policy and infrastructure development will have enormous impact on state budgets. State officials and experts on state budgeting are wrestling with the uncertainty. State and local government news and policy site Route 50 reports that on Thursday the Urban Institute hosted a panel of experts in Washington DC to consider some of the major questions hanging over state budget writers. Colorado, same as states across the country, is bracing for major federal tax and spending changes and program rollbacks, and it’s no surprise repeal of the Affordable Care Act tops the list of concerns.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinNovember 21, 20168min366

A lack of fire stations in the Northeast Denver fire district that caused slow response times, a staffing shortage, and a growing population that led to an increased in calls for service in the Denver Fire Department were issues cited in a city audit report. Fire officials were aware of the slow response time issue and hope to see construction of a new station in that area in the coming year, along with getting a second station included in the City and County of Denver's 2017 general obligation bond issue program, the independent audit committee was told Thursday, Nov. 17.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinNovember 18, 201610min389

Denver International Airport is not ensuring prompt payments from airlines, promptly collecting delinquent airline payments and associated interest penalties or managing airline space changes, an audit report found. Denver City Auditor Timothy O'Brien's staff presented those and other findings and recommendations about DIA's airline agreement management practices and lack of controls to the independent audit committee Thursday, Nov. 17.

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 18, 201631min403

DENVER — This morning we rise to greet new possibilities, To stab campaign signs into our lawns, Or other people's lawns, Or to tear them from other people's lawns, Secretly under cloak of night, That's you, not me, I have better things to do, Watch Trump, Watch Clinton, Will it be Clinton?, Or Trump?, Perhaps Johnson or Stein? (N ...


Sarah KutaSarah KutaAugust 17, 20166min590

With the hiring of a former White House staffer and other new employees this spring, Colorado lobbying firm Sewald Hanfling more than doubled the size of its team and added public relations work to its offerings. The firm hired Gordon Bronson, who’s worked on several Democratic campaigns and spent a year working on presidential appointments for the Obama administration, to be its director of strategic communications. The Denver-based firm, which was founded in 2012 and represents clients such as Walmart, Deloitte, Adams State University and marijuana dispensary Medicine Man, also added three other staffers, bringing its staff to seven employees.


Adam McCoyAdam McCoyJune 2, 201610min354

At a banquet dinner in his honor May 25, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was given the moniker — “the heart and soul of Denver.” And, it’s no wonder. As the mile high city’s principal executive, Hancock has navigated Denver through a period of rapid growth during his nearly five years at the helm. The city is thriving and burgeoning — Denver’s economy is booming and dynamic, attracting droves of new residents and undergoing a cosmetic facelift of sorts in historic neighborhoods, to the dismay of some residents. The city has been on showcase nationally for its recreational marijuana commerce, job creation and overall growth.


Miller HudsonMiller HudsonMay 19, 20166min406

RTD’s cumbersomely named University of Colorado A Line — it cost CU $5 million for the “branded sponsorship” — is an A Train linking Union Station with DIA, covering 23 miles of commuter rail that can be traversed in 37 minutes. With its April opening, Denver joined a growing number of American cities where travelers can take a train to a plane and back. Not all of these have proven a success. San Francisco’s BART extension provides access to nearly 10 million Bay Area residents, where daily commutes are frequently horrific and ridership has been high. Philadelphia, by contrast, runs virtually empty cars several times an hour.