Adam McCoyAdam McCoyMay 24, 20175min494

Denver International Airport is onboarding a new advertising firm in what it has coined as the next step in the evolution of its advertising and marketing approach. The idea behind the maturing effort is to tackle advertising for the entire airport under an umbrella approach, coupling all services offered into one marketing campaign, said Stacey Stegman, senior vice president of communications for DIA. Moving to one agency, instead of multiple entities working in silos, will make for a more coordinated marketing effort.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinMarch 24, 20177min364

One proposed amendment to Denver's small lot parking exemption was not viewed favorably by the city's Community Planning and Development department, as a lengthy dispute over how the city should approach the issue continues. In August, City Council approved a seven-month moratorium on the zoning code’s small zone lot parking exemption for certain projects. The moratorium was proposed by Councilmen Albus Brooks and Paul Kashmann. Due to a lack of consensus on how to proceed when the moratorium was to expire this month, a 60-day extension was recently approved by the Council.