Nicky YollickNicky YollickNovember 13, 20174min1258

Over the last several years, a massive influx of funding from individuals and groups outside of Colorado has transformed the school board, restricting parents and teachers from having a reasonable say in which direction the Denver Public Schools board goes. Oftentimes, these organizations prioritize advancing a national “reform” ideology over the needs of Denver’s students. All of this has resulted in a deterioration of our public schools in favor of semi-private options which are not financially feasible for the general populace.


Paula NoonanPaula NoonanMay 3, 20164min300

Thousands of Colorado students opted out of the state’s Colorado Measure of Academic Success tests over the last couple of weeks, with at least one Douglas County high school at 800 students who took a pass, according to a well-placed source. High school CMAS/PARCC tests are only for ninth graders. During testing weeks, school work slows down or stops. High school students get days off when their grades aren’t being tested.