Adam McCoyAdam McCoyJuly 13, 20172min253

Denverites are tying the knot at an alarming rate as the city is on pace to issue a record number of marriage licenses this year.

Thus far, the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office has issued a surprising 3,803 marriage licenses in 2017 — a 12 percent increase from last year.

“If Monday, July 3, was any indication of how summer will go, we’ll set a new record again this year,” Clerk Debra Johnson said in a news release last week. “We issued 79 marriage licenses and believe we had more than 65 marriages on Independence Eve.”

The irony of getting married on Independence Eve isn’t lost on us but also isn’t out of the ordinary, historically speaking. Denver couples tend to exchange vows more often over the summer months — when the heat has obviously compromised their judgement.

The office issued 895 licenses in June, which happens to be the most in a single month this year. Last August, the office issued 980 licenses.

Marriages in Denver have risen every year since 2007, with the largest increase coming in 2014. More than 8,000 couples got married last year.

If you find yourself smitten with your significant other and want to shackle your ankle with the proverbial ball and chain, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office started allowing online appointment booking Tuesday — you know, so you can hurry up and join the ranks of miserable married folks.

The city requires residents to apply online for a marriage license before heading into the office.