Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 3, 201659min627

DENVER — Good morning and Happy Wednesday to all you loyal Hot Sheet wonks out there. If you are traveling to one of the Hillary Clinton or Mike Pence events in the metro area today, stay safe out there and remember to keep an open mind as these candidates do battle to control it ... at least up until Election Day, after that they won't need your assistance for a few years. And they really only need control over the hemisphere that controls your hands ... you know, so you fill in the right oval or check the right box ... Lots of great insider stuff for you today, so read on for your total Colorado politics enlightenment ...


David O. WilliamsDavid O. WilliamsAugust 2, 201614min411

With the official nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, longtime Democrats and progressive political activists on Colorado’s Western Slope are grappling with the impacts on down-ballot races in a post-Bernie Sanders world. Some candidates and party officials are predicting a Democratic exodus of disaffected Bernie backers to the Green Party, while other say millennial voters will come to their senses and pivot to Clinton once the prospect of GOP nominee Donald Trump becoming president settles in.


Crisanta DuranCrisanta DuranJuly 30, 20163min373

On the final day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I was asked to address the convention. Speaking on the night that Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to ever accept the nomination of a major political party was without a doubt one of the greatest honors of my life. I will never forget representing our beautiful state on the stage, and I hope I made Colorado proud. In my speech, I made a point that in this country, we do not define our value by our net worth. As the daughter of a family that relied on food stamps to get by when I was first born, and growing up to speak about it on a national convention stage, this could not ring more true for me. I have always known that Hillary Clinton shares this belief with me, and after her speech Thursday night, I am so proud of what she believes does define us.


Michael McGradyMichael McGradyJuly 30, 201615min493

“So average.” Kicked up a notch in Donald Trump’s spicy punchline kitchen, those were the Republican presidential candidate’s words to describe his opponent, Hillary Clinton’s nomination acceptance speech in Philadelphia a day earlier. Trump delivered the made-fresh remarks to a gathering of rambunctious fans in a jam-packed events center at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Friday, featuring Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn and Colorado Springs U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-CD5. The large batch of southern Colorado supporters met billionaire real estate mogul Trump with a warm welcome, setting what was pegged by the campaign as a town hall meeting with a more rally-like tone, full of chants for his conservative red-meat lines and jeers for when Clinton came up — and she came up often — in his remarks.

Jared WrightJared WrightJuly 29, 201652min517

DENVER — Good morning and Happy Friday ... and National Lasagna Day. Safe travels to those of you who are headed back to Colorado from the Democratic National Convention. But my advice, stay away from lasagna before hitting the friendly skies or they may become far less friendly. Today, another passenger soaring the friendly skies — with much more leg room — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, will host a town hall meeting in Colorado Springs at 2 p.m. and a rally in Denver at 7 p.m., events we will have Statesman reporters on hand to cover for you. All this following Hillary Clinton's historic acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president last night in Philadelphia during the DNC's fourth and final day, an event studded with speeches from two Colorado politicos, one of them delivering a "low energy" but nonetheless inspiring speech about how he was laid off from a job 30 years ago almost to the day. It's all over now folks. Both conventions behinds us. We are fully inside the belly of the general election season beast. Good luck to you. Read on for your daily briefing on all things Colorado politics …

Jared WrightJared WrightJuly 28, 201636min356

DENVER — Good morning and Happy Thursday, the fourth and final day of the Democratic National Convention. Two Coloradans take the stage today,Gov. John Hickenlooper and House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran. Hickenlooper, who ran into some protesters right up in his face yesterday while in Philly, will speak not long before Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. And, more details for you on this week's upcoming Donald Trump visit to our own little slice of paradise — including news on a Denver rally. Also, Darryl Glenn responds to the 1983 arrest controversy ... Read on for your daily briefing on all things Colorado politics ...


Leslie HerodLeslie HerodJuly 27, 20163min435

I am honored to be able to attend the Democratic National Convention this week. I was present in 2008 when Hillary Clinton addressed the convention right here in Colorado. I remember her speaking about the need for unity and real action to make the lives of many Americans better. During her 2008 speech, Clinton posed the question, “Were you in this campaign just for me ... Or were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on a minimum wage … were you in it for all of the people in this country who feel invisible?” I expect that she will again touch on that message tomorrow night when she accepts the nomination in Philadelphia.


Crisanta DuranCrisanta DuranJuly 27, 20164min394

Our nominee said it best last night: "We put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet." We made history, making Hillary Clinton the first ever woman nominee for President from any major political party. For the rest of my life, I will remember that ground breaking moment in American history. I’m proud to say that throughout the second day of the Democratic National Convention, women took center stage.

Jared WrightJared WrightJuly 27, 201649min341

DENVER — Colorado helped drive in a major, historic marker yesterday. With the help of 36 of Colorado's 78 delegates — Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win a major party nomination for President of the United States. While Floyd Ciruli has surmised Colorado is no longer a battleground state, we expect to see Clinton and her opponent Donald Trump come around Colorado often nonetheless — starting this week, in fact — as they campaign through the general election. Happy Day No. 208 of 2016, only 104 days remaining until Election Day! ("That many!" groan the laypersons. "That few!?" exclaim all the wonks). Read on for your daily briefing on all things Colorado politics ...