Josh LedermanJosh LedermanOctober 5, 20168min297

Republican Mike Pence won bipartisan plaudits for a calm and collected performance in the vice presidential debate. But Democrat Tim Kaine was claiming mission accomplished for forcing his opponent to confront —or not — Donald Trump's long list of provocative remarks. Pressed by Kaine to defend his running mate throughout the 90-minute debate Tuesday, Pence mostly dodged, sidestepped or let the moment pass by. He vouched for the billionaire's tax history, but was less vocal when challenged about Trump's temperament or his inflammatory words about women and President Barack Obama. "I can't imagine how Gov. Pence can defend the insult-driven, me-first style of Donald Trump," said Kaine, the Virginia senator and Hillary Clinton's No. 2.


Julie PaceJulie PaceSeptember 24, 20168min265

Donald Trump needs to prove to voters that he has the policy depth and gravitas to serve as commander in chief. Hillary Clinton needs a moment to connect with Americans who question whether she can be trusted. In an election year that has upended political convention, the candidates' best opportunity to conquer their weaknesses will come in the most traditional of campaign forums: Monday's 90-minute, prime-time debate. Both campaigns expect a record-setting television audience for the high-stakes showdown, which could help tip the balance in a tight White House race.


Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinSeptember 21, 201613min281

Amendment 69 will be an economic disaster, force doctors to flee Colorado in droves, allow taxes to be raised without voter approval and represents a "utopian fantasy world," according to Colorado State Treasurer Wayne Stapleton. On the other hand, the ColoradoCare statewide health care program the amendment would create offers more medical coverage to more people for less than what they're paying now, keep health care dollars in state instead of sending them to out-of-state private insurance companies and would need voter approval of any future tax increases, according to T.R. Reid, best-selling author, filmmaker and former Washington Post reporter.