Marianne GoodlandMarianne GoodlandMarch 13, 20189min1936

The Trump administration is OK with a ban on bump stocks. The Florida Legislature, despite opposition from the National Rifle Association, last week approved a package of gun control measures, including a ban on bump stocks that increase the firing capacity of normal rifles. Colorado's state Senate is a week away from hearing a bill that would take the same step. But it won't pass here, according to Senate Republican leadership. And they're backed by several gun rights groups that all oppose bump stock bans and which have been generous with Senate Republicans.


Joey BunchJoey BunchFebruary 22, 201810min2238

In the wake of a Columbine-style school shooting in Florida last week, Colorado lawmakers again weighed a trio of bills aimed at loosening up the state's gun laws. All three failed on a partisan vote, as they do each year, including one that would have allowed school staff to carry firearms with an existing concealed carry permit.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningDecember 11, 20176min1262

Maybe the Colorado Democrats should rename the party's big annual fundraising dinner after Donald Trump, since their enmity toward the Republican president could be the only thing that unites them. Or, if the party is looking to past presidents who didn't own slaves and are unsullied by sex scandals, how about honoring Grover Cleveland and Harry Truman instead of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, as one local pundit suggests?


Joey BunchJoey BunchNovember 4, 201710min505


Tom RamstackTom RamstackOctober 14, 20168min387

A lawsuit over gun laws pending in Washington, D.C. is being closely watched by the Denver-based Independence Institute to determine how it could affect the rights of private citizens to carry concealed guns. The Independence Institute is a libertarian public policy group whose advocacy work for personal and economic freedom includes support for laws granting some private citizens rights to carry concealed guns. The organization is planning legal action to bring gun rights back to the forefront in Colorado politics.