Hal BidlackHal BidlackAugust 24, 20186min348

I pulled my first alert – as going out to an intercontinental ballistic missile site for a 24-hour tour is called – in the early Fall of 1981. A freshly minted second lieutenant in the United States Air Force, I had finished my “tech school” at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California a few weeks earlier. In that training environment, I was first exposed to the three big elements of being a missile launch officer: weapons system controls, codes, and EWO. Remember, the military loves funny names for things. In plain English, those terms mean the mechanics of operating and controlling the missile systems themselves, while “codes” has to do with how important information is secured within the system, and EWO stands for “emergency war orders,” or more simply put, the top-secret stuff having to do with going to war. Heady stuff to be sure.


David O. WilliamsDavid O. WilliamsAugust 30, 20179min411
Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner on Thursday told the Rocky Mountain Post that cybersecurity is a largely underreported topic in the state despite its potential to make Colorado a national and even international leader in one of the fastest growing tech sectors. “The issue of cybersecurity doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves, but is […]

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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirJuly 19, 20173min273

Denverite’s Adrian Garcia reports this week that Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams is touting post-election audits as a new, enhanced safeguard against election manipulation in Colorado:

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office has been traveling to different counties this year to train clerks how to conduct the audit, office spokeswoman Lynn Bartels said Monday. … Williams told Politico in a statement Monday that the audit will allow Colorado to say, “with a high level of statistical probability that has never existed before,” that official election results have not been manipulated.

If the audit process is implemented successfully, Politico reports, Colorado would be the first state to “regularly conduct a sophisticated post-election audit that cybersecurity experts have long called necessary.”

All of which has become a supercharged political issue — and notice the curious cross-currents at which a Republican like Williams finds himself. Election manipulation, long an obsession of the Republican right, has become a newfound target of Democrats amid persistent allegations Russia’s government attempted to meddle in last November’s presidential election to undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (remember her?).

At the same time, Republican President Donald Trump maintains that purportedly massive voter fraud — by undocumented immigrants, some would allege — cost him the popular vote even as he won the Electoral College. Hence, his controversial Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which has rankled Democrats by requesting voter information from Colorado and other states.

Which, if we may crack wise, means Wayne Williams has to be on the watch for Russian hackers trying to hijack the electoral vote for Republicans as well as for immigrants attempting to pump up the popular vote for Democrats. Give the guy a raise!