Brian HeubergerBrian HeubergerNovember 16, 201655min471

Compelling political television advertisements can play an important role in introducing candidates to the public, expressing their policy positions and effectively persuading voters to fill in that candidate's circle on the ballot come Election Day. As in all modern presidential elections, Colorado television sets were flooded with political ads in the 2016 election cycle. Some were flashy and impressive and others were relatively disappointing. From the perspective of seasoned campaigners, certain criteria must be met in order to hit the political advertising bulls-eye. Essential factors include the creative quality of the production, the potency of the message, the effectiveness of the delivery and the resulting response from viewers. But most importantly, ads must resonate with their carefully targeted audiences. In 2016, some ads cut it while others would have been better off on the cutting room floor.

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsNovember 1, 201618min419

DENVER — And God created the world in only 7 days. But the 2016 election just keeps going … and going … and going. (Insert depiction of Energizer bunny here.) Yes — with less than a week before the election — most of us seem to be showing voter fatigue. It’s hard to gauge which we are the most tired of — the political ads, the loud talking heads, the name calling or maybe the candidates themselves. How about we just go with all of the above? Thank goodness the beginning of the Colorado Legislature is now only a few weeks away, right?! After all only civility can be found under the Gold Dome. (insert sound of crickets here.)


Ernest LuningErnest LuningOctober 27, 201614min422

The Texas senator and former presidential candidate whose endorsement helped propel Republican Darryl Glenn across the finish line in the crowded U.S. Senate primary returned to Colorado Wednesday to support Glenn’s uphill battle to unseat Democrat Michael Bennet. “It is entirely possible, 13 days from today, that control of the Senate will come down to the state of Colorado, and winning this seat,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told an enraptured crowd inside a Loveland hotel ballroom.


Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsJune 28, 201634min918

Colorado party primary voters will finish deciding today who will serve in the mostly safe Democratic and Republican seats at the state legislature, including 16 seats where the incumbents aren’t running for re-election — in many cases because they’re either term-limited and/or running for another seat. A quick survey today of primary candidates finds them all “feeling great” about their chances to win, of course. Candidates have been campaigning this morning and are now watching voter tallies and hunkering down to prepare speeches. In this intense presidential election year, which saw caucuses overrun in the spring by voters drawn by presidential primary races featuring insurgent and celebrity candidates (Sanders! Trump!), the secretary of state’s office reports Colorado county clerks have sent out 997,793 ballots to registered Republicans and 990,961 ballots to registered Democrats.


Arn MenconiArn MenconiApril 15, 20163min542

I’m Arn Menconi, and I am a candidate for U.S. Senate for the Green Party. I am running, because as a dad of two young children, our generation must take our democracy back. I want to represent the people, not corporations and the top 1%. I will fight to end the military industrial dominance of our government with it's endless greed and killings, end our dependence on fossil fuels by 2050, providing single payer healthcare for all as a right not as a privilege and break up the big banks and power of Wall Street that has been stealing resources from our children and grandchildren.


Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsApril 13, 20169min387

At the Colorado Republican assembly, Darryl Glenn walked onto stage and gave his nomination speech for U.S. Senator the way he has done everything else in his life — with a bang. With no notes, no teleprompter and no cue cards, Glenn gave a rousing speech that was met with a roaring standing ovation. The speech, combined with his over one year of campaigning leading up to the assembly is what ultimately got him onto the ballot. Glenn knocked eight of his competitors off the ballot completely, including frontrunner state Sen. Tim Neville whose campaign was deemed by many to be all but a sure thing to make the June primary ballot.


Jennifer KernsJennifer KernsApril 13, 201610min565

There is a reason so many Republican candidates are in the race to take a shot at unseating Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet ... besides the fact the GOP's stronger top-tier bench of candidates all decided not to run. Colorado's open Senate seat is one of nine seats nationwide that has been identified as competitive, and in one of the most important battleground states to boot. While Bennet is incredibly well-funded and financially prepared for a fight, the fact that the Senate seat is in play during a presidential year complicates the equation for him and the Democratic Party. Historically, Senate seats are uniquely tied to presidential races and can pivot on a dime depending on the national mood of the electorate.