John TomasicJohn TomasicMay 10, 20175min836

The Colorado Open Records Act this year will receive a long-overdue digital-era update after <a href="" target="_blank">Senate Bill 40</a> on Wednesday ended its switchback journey over the entire course of the 120-day legislative session Wednesday, finishing in the Senate with an against-all-odds unanimous vote of support. “No one would have guessed it would receive all 35 votes in the Senate,” said sponsor Sen. John Kefalas, a Democrat from Fort Collins. “I think the bill does move the dial forward in meaningful ways and brings up the window just a tad in granting greater access to records that belong to the people.


Aaron HarberAaron HarberMay 1, 20176min371

It’s long overdue for one of the absurd practices of some Colorado government offices to end. Specifically, Senate Bill 40 has been proposed in the Colorado General Assembly to close a loophole created by officials and bureaucrats avoiding their responsibilities to provide citizens access to the information which everyone always has agreed is public.


Rachael WrightRachael WrightApril 6, 201711min329

Thirty Years Ago This Week in the Colorado Statesman … Colorado U.S. Sen. Gary Hart officially announced his second run for U.S. president on his home turf at Red Rocks Amphitheater, saying, among other remarks, “I guarantee you that I’ll make some mistakes.” At a press conference the next Tuesday, in Denver City Council chambers, he said that he had referred to campaign tactical issues, not mistakes on issues. He told reporters that he would be better prepared for victory — or defeat in 1988.


John TomasicJohn TomasicMarch 29, 201711min439

Opening the hood of Colorado's Open Records Act to change out even a few parts is a massive undertaking — too many of the components in this aging machine are moving. Aiming to make some long-overdue digital-era updates to CORA, state Sen. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, started that process months ago and has been wrestling in the legislative and political wiring ever since.


John TomasicJohn TomasicMarch 22, 20174min438

A long-coming update to the Colorado Open Records Act that aims to make government digital datasets more readily accessible to the public advanced with bipartisan support in the State Senate Tuesday night. <a href="" target="_blank">Senate Bill 40</a>, sponsored by Fort Collins Democrat John Kefalas, is the latest version of a proposal that has been the subject of intense scrutiny and debate.


James AndersonJames AndersonMarch 1, 20177min364

A bill aimed at modernizing Colorado's Open Records Act has survived its first Senate hearing — but with an amendment that could mean trouble down the road. The GOP-led Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee voted 4-1 Wednesday to send Senate Bill 40 by Democratic Sen. John Kefalas to the Senate Appropriations Committee.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMarch 1, 20177min416

State Sen. John Kefalas says he hopes that an amendment he plans to introduce in committee Wednesday will take care of the bulk of the privacy concerns raised over legislation he’s sponsoring that would require government agencies to produce public records in searchable digital formats. “I happen to be a person of faith,” the Fort Collins Democrat told reporters Tuesday. “Therefore, I’m cautiously optimistic.”