Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirJuly 13, 20172min152

The Colorado Department of Transportation, which builds, patches and plows the state’s highways, isn’t just some faceless bureaucracy in Denver. It answers to a board that, in turn, answers to the motoring public. The Colorado Transportation Commission‘s 11 members represent distinct districts across the state and are supposed to ensure the entire transportation grid — from Craig to Campo, from Cortez to Julesburg — gets attention.

Granted, that setup does little to dispel misgivings in every corner of the state as well as in metro areas about whether each is getting its fair share of funding. At least, though, the board gives every region of Colorado a voice in transportation policy. The legislature’s budget writers also have plenty of say, too.

Commissioners are appointed by the governor, confirmed by the state Senate and serve four-year terms.

And just to make sure the public knows where to turn, the transportation department announced the latest lineup for the commission this week:

Newly appointed by Gov. Hickenlooper this year are two Commissioners: Luella Chavez D’Angelo of Lone Tree, serving District 3; and Karen Stuart of Broomfield, serving District 4.

Re-appointed by the governor to serve an additional four year term are three Commissioners: Shannon Gifford, Denver, District 1; Sidny Zink, Durango, District 8; and Bill Thiebaut, Pueblo, District 10.

Continuing and completing terms are the remaining six Commissioners: Ed Peterson, Lakewood, District 2; Kathy Gilliland, Livermore, District 5; Kathy Connell, Steamboat Springs, District 6; Kathy Hall, Grand Junction, District 7; Rocky Scott, Colorado Springs, District 9; and Steven Hofmeister, Haxtun, District 11.