Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 4, 20186min543
Cynthia Coffman — nor her staff — want to talk about abortion. Three months into her run for governor, Colorado’s Republican attorney general still isn’t clarifying where she stands on the divisive issue that’s a pretty big deal to a lot of bedrock conservatives in Colorado — at least some of whom she would need […]

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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirMay 12, 20172min414

Left-of-center media watchdog and political critic at large Jason Salzman blogs about 4th Congressional District Republican Rep. Ken Buck’s interview Thursday on KOA-AM radio in which the congressman talks about the firing of FBI chief James Comey.

At one point in the on-air exchange, as Salzman notes, KOA’s April Zesbaugh asked Buck if “we will get to the bottom of the Russian meddling in our last election” — the issue that nudged Comey onto the national stage. Buck said:

I also think that politically, people are going to be raising this issue just like people raised the birth certificate or other issues on President Obama that I didn’t think were credible but that some people did. And they kept gnawing at it.

Buck seemed to allow that evidence could emerge that President Trump colluded with Russia though he also expressed hope, “we will find that the Trump campaign did not collude or collaborate with the Russians in that effort.”

What Buck also seemed to be saying is that the Russia allegations — whether they ultimately prove true, are somehow debunked or remain inconclusive — have assumed a life of their own. They have become a mantra of the left much as the former president’s country of origin assumed mythic proportion for the birthers on the right.

But you already knew that. Just the same, read Salzman’s full blog post, including clips from the KOA interview.




Joey BunchJoey BunchMarch 6, 20174min289
What people mean depends on when they mean it. That seems to be the difference between what U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has said and what he meant over the years about the filibuster. Progressive blogger Jason Salzman examined what sure sounded like contradictions Friday on the liberal Colorado Times Recorder website (which is the best of the state’s […]

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