Peter MarcusPeter MarcusFebruary 17, 20177min286
The “day without immigrants” protest saw lackluster participation in Colorado, but it still served to shine a light on heart-wrenching stories as the Trump administration continues its crackdown. The act of banding together to strike on Thursday was a sign of solidarity. The immigrant community has come under attack as the Trump administration seeks to […]

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Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinOctober 17, 20167min1150

Backers of Initiated Ordinance 300 (I-300), a City and County of Denver measure on the Nov. 8 general election ballot that would allow marijuana consumption in some private establishments, unveiled a billboard Monday to promote voter approval of the measure. The billboard, located at 489 Lincoln St., reads “Now that adult use is legal… Permit it in some private places. Prevent it in these public spaces.” An arrow points to an image of a lounge, where the initiative would allow marijuana consumption; another arrow points down to the sidewalk, where consumption would remain illegal.