Ernest LuningErnest LuningOctober 27, 201711min16100

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday told a ballroom full of Republicans in Greenwood Village that a unified GOP will fulfill a key campaign pledge of President Donald Trump by enacting tax reform legislation. “I’m going to make a prediction tonight: We’re going to pass the largest tax cut in American history, and we’re going to pass it this year,” Pence told about 300 donors at a fundraiser for the Colorado Republican Party at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningOctober 16, 20179min17210

Tom Tancredo strolled into the packed conference room in the back of a Wheat Ridge bowling alley on a recent Thursday evening and took a seat. He was the headliner at the monthly North Jeffco Tea Party meeting, but first the group of about 50 activists heard from school board candidates and a young man who wanted to introduce himself to the group because he was considering a run for Congress. There was also a chili supper coming up, and raffle tickets were on sale, with prizes including a quantity of gold.


Marianne GoodlandOctober 6, 20174min479
In a defeat that doesn’t happen that often, Matt Arnold and his Campaign Integrity Watchdog drew a losing verdict  from the Colorado Court of Appeals, when the court ruled in favor of the state Republican party on a campaign finance issue. The appeals court ruled unanimously to overturn an administrative law judge’s decision in favor of […]

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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirSeptember 29, 20173min3550

No, it’s not a passage from some best-selling, self-help paperback:

The great game of life is to always challenge yourself to become better than you were, better than you are, the best you can be.

Nor is it a line from “Trump: The Art of the Deal” — though you’re getting warm. It’s part of an e-missive from the Colorado Republican Party to its sizable mailing list this morning expressing the state party’s support — enthusiasm, in fact — for Colorado’s new voter-approved law opening party primaries to unaffiliated voters. Hence:

The Colorado GOP is looking forward to a new challenge in the 2018 primaries: earning the loyalty of independent voters.

A new Colorado law allows the state’s 1.4 million independent voters to cast a ballot in primaries, a privilege once held by party members only. Colorado GOP Chairman Jeff Hays is optimistic. …

… The chairman’s optimism mirrors the longstanding principles of the GOP: that facilitating debate and civil discourse are the hallmarks of a thriving party. That the GOP is the party of ideas, a party with an open door, a party of variety and strength. The more voices, the stronger the roar.

The principles may be longstanding, but the tone? Not exactly your grandfather’s Grand Old Party.

It comes in the wake of a push by a dissident party faction to cancel the open primary — a move permitted under Proposition 108, adopted by Colorado voters last fall. The move would have backfired on the party, Hays and many party loyalists contended. The attempt was rejected 2-to-1 last week by the party central committee, and Hays and other are now relieved — and evidently moving to clear the air.

Here’s more from the e-release:

The barrier for independent voters has been removed, and the competition to earn those voters’ trust has opened up. We accept the challenge.

We want many voices, new ideas. The Republican Party has always been where the best ideas are hoisted with the flag. That sincerity has always drawn new faces to the crowd, new life to the party, and the 2018 primary will be another chance for us to prove it.

It ends with an appeal to fellow Republicans to share their views on the big change on the state party’s Facebook page. Weigh in, and let them know what you think.