Guy ShortGuy ShortApril 27, 20166min1799

For a candidate posing as a strong leader, Donald Trump sure whines a lot. When Trump realized his media-driven campaign of personality was falling short in the critical goal of winning loyal delegates, and the Ted Cruz campaign was out-working and out-organizing him, Trump began railing against “voterless elections” and a “rigged, crooked system.” It’s a dishonest tactic, but so far, he’s getting away with it. Worse, his campaign is engaging in intimidation and veiled, and not so veiled, threats of violence if things don’t go his way at the convention. It’s an ugly spectacle, made worse by the fact Trump’s supporters don’t seem to mind.


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsApril 12, 20166min418

At 6-foot-5, Jefferson County Republican Rick Enstrom was trying to get in the back row when supporters for Sentate candidate Jerry Natividad took the stage at the Colorado Republican assembly Saturday. Enstrom took a step backward to the stage curtain but discovered there was no stage left. He went straight down 4 feet — missing a pole by a mere inches –and landed on concrete. He broke three ribs in his back. “I think my ego is as badly broke as my ribs after taking a digger in front of 6,000 people,” Enstrom said. “Jerry felt so bad. He was back there holding my hand and I said, ‘Get out there and talk to people.'”