Miller HudsonMiller HudsonJune 21, 20185min410

You know your life has arrived at some considerable misfortune when you spend a lovely Saturday evening watching Colorado’s Republican and Democratic gubernatorial debates back to back.  Surely there must be better things to do with one’s time: mow the grass, clean out the garage, or smoke some of Colorado’s finest? The first thing I noticed, however, was that Channel 9’s dynamic duo of Brandon Rittiman and Kyle Clark offered two young men convinced their mothers’ sons had turned out quite well. Smug hardly begins to capture their preening self-confidence.


Rachael WrightRachael WrightMarch 2, 201715min359

…Twenty Years Ago This Week in The Colorado Statesman … The Colorado General Assembly seemed to have lawmakers' heads stuck in the corporate law section of the Colorado Revised Statutes. At the start of the 1997 legislative session, the Colorado Bar Association pushed two measures in the Legislature that would have far reaching impact in corporate law, and would likely help corporate lawyers make a little extra cash too. One bill revised the Nonprofit Corporation Act and another changed Colorado’s partnership law, while still another helped define the role of partners in a business entity should creditors come knocking.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 23, 201713min496

Gov. John Hickenlooper had a simple message to convey before he pulled a saber from its scabbard and sliced into an enormous birthday cake. Noting that the Colorado National Guard is an institution older than the state — it counts territorial militias, including the Colorado Volunteer Militia, the Denver Guard and the Jefferson Rangers, in its lineage — the governor surveyed the crowd gathered Monday in the state Capitol’s West Foyer and smiled. “They have all, without exception, been there to answer the call,” he said, kicking off a celebration of the Guard’s 157th birthday.