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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirMay 31, 20173min543

A couple of state lawmakers are touting a speedy end-run on renewing your vehicle registration under a pilot program they helped make possible in suburban Denver’s Arapahoe County.

Sen. Ray Scott, R-Grand Junction, and Sen. Kevin Priola, R-Brighton, will give the press a progress report at a briefing this week on the implementation of their Senate Bill 138, passed in the 2016 session. Yet, the true testimonial to the new system’s success is probably the thousands of Arapahoe county residents who have taken advantage of it since it started in March.

The system, called Colorado MV Express, uses scanning and touchscreen technology to let motorists who already have their license plates renew their registration at four locations around Arapahoe County. The renewal process typically takes only a few minutes. A news release from the Arapahoe clerk and recorder announcing the option earlier this spring explained:

Arapahoe is the first county in the state to launch Colorado MVExpress kiosks under a pilot program. Fifteen other counties will add the kiosks later this year. The machines are expected to reduce wait times at motor vehicle offices helping consumers renew their license plates and freeing up staff to assist with more complex title and registration transactions.

… To use the kiosk, a citizen can simply scan the barcode on their registration renewal postcard or type their license plate number on the touch screen, and pay taxes and fees via cash, check, credit or debit card. … The kiosk will provide your printed receipt, registration and license plate tabs on the spot.

The news release also notes seven other states already offer motor vehicle self-service kiosks: California, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Nevada and South Dakota.

Check out Colorado MV Express’s Facebook page for more information.