Morgan SmithMorgan SmithMay 14, 20183min349

“Thirty four years of elected office, many more of consequential service, have passed far too quickly,” says Steve Hogan, the late Mayor of Aurora, in what turned out sadly to be his last message. I only served with him for two of those years, the 1975 and 1976 sessions of the Colorado House of Representatives, but I remember him as a cheerful, dedicated and very capable member of our House Democratic Caucus.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMay 25, 201727min747

By one measure, state Rep. Justin Everett, a House Republican serving his third term in the Colorado General Assembly, and state Reps. Chris Hansen and Chris Kennedy, a pair of Democrats in their first terms, stand as far apart as any lawmakers at the Capitol, based on the votes they cast in the just-completed 2017 regular session. Considering all the bills that made it to final, third-reading votes in the session — 490 in the House and 459 in the Senate — between them, these three legislators cast the most ‘no’ votes and the most ‘yes’ votes, respectively, according to an analysis prepared by bill-tracking service Colorado Capitol Watch.


John TomasicJohn TomasicMay 18, 201716min472

State House Minority Whip Lori Saine said she had been working on the memorial resolution offered for Bill Armstrong during a joint session of the Legislature on and off for a year. Same with the eulogy she delivered — and she was clearly charged with deep feeling as she read it out to a chamber packed with past and present elected officials. She was speaking Friday, April 28, from the well of the House. Men and women lined the walls, including members of Armstrong’s family.