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…OK, so that’s not actually her new title; to be precise, Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell is the new president of the Colorado County Clerks Association. It’s quite an honor considering she was chosen by her fellow clerks, who ensure the integrity of elections in each of Colorado’s counties. They keep the democratic process running smoothly at its most fundamental level.

Reports Lynn Bartels, the blogger at large, messaging manager and media contact (among her many duties) for Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams:

Mitchell, who succeeds Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon, took the oath of office on Jan. 18 at the clerk’s winter conference in Colorado Springs.

“It has been the honor of my life to serve the community where I grew up, and now I get to serve as president of the Colorado County Clerks Association,” Mitchell said. “This is the greatest group of people I have ever worked with. We always have our citizens in mind.

“We do good things.”

Mitchell, who was elected Chaffee county clerk and recorder in 2014, will serve a year at the helm of the state association, which advocates for the clerks statewide. According to its website, the organization, “supports best practices, use of technology and appropriate legislation through teamwork, communication and mutual respect.”

In other words, clerks are the folks who safeguard our right to vote.


Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirJune 23, 20172min229

Leave it to Lynn Bartels to pine away for the open prairie — while visiting Aspen. But then, the longtime Colorado political reporter turned communications director for the Secretary of State’s Office was just ditto-ing the sentiment of a county clerk from the state’s eastern plains after both attended this week’s Colorado County Clerks Association summer conference in Snowmass Village near Aspen.

Bartels blogs:

Yuma County Clerk Beverly Wenger wrote about her visit to the Aspen area on Facebook Wednesday.

“It is just peaceful and beautiful! Truly a creation of God’s,” she said.

“Still love my plains though! Nothing beats wheat and cornfields, fresh turned dirt, the incredible sunrises and sunsets and the wide open country!!”

I know exactly how Wenger feels. I grew up in eastern South Dakota and I always feel so hemmed in when I’m in the mountains.

Bartels goes on to recount a long-ago story assignment from her days at the Rocky Mountain News in which she was sent out to Colorado’s plains, only to learn after making it to Burlington that the story was a bust. When called home, she had no regrets:

“It was so green and so beautiful. The corn is really coming along,” I gushed after my trip along Interstate 70.

You can take a Bartels out of eastern South Dakota, but you can’t take the eastern South Dakota out of a Bartels.

Be sure to tune in to Bartels blog for regular updates and insights from the Secretary of State’s Office — along with the occasional reverie.

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsNovember 1, 201618min301

DENVER — And God created the world in only 7 days. But the 2016 election just keeps going … and going … and going. (Insert depiction of Energizer bunny here.) Yes — with less than a week before the election — most of us seem to be showing voter fatigue. It’s hard to gauge which we are the most tired of — the political ads, the loud talking heads, the name calling or maybe the candidates themselves. How about we just go with all of the above? Thank goodness the beginning of the Colorado Legislature is now only a few weeks away, right?! After all only civility can be found under the Gold Dome. (insert sound of crickets here.)


Lynn BartelsLynn BartelsAugust 2, 20166min265

The Colorado County Clerks Association today recognized three lawmakers who sponsored a bill to make it easier for clerks to maintain or upgrade equipment used to record documents. The effort to pass the bill actually began two to three years ago, CCCA director Pam Anderson told clerks at their summer conference, which began Monday. A lot of people put a lot of effort into getting Senate Bill 115 passed, she said, including the sponsors. The bill was sponsored by two Republicans, Rep. Kathleen Conti of Littleton and Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik of Thornton, and Rep. Dominick Moreno, a Commerce City Democrat.