Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsSeptember 24, 20185min261

Although Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (“EPIC”) agrees with Kelly Sloan that creating child care savings accounts could help families afford quality child care, that mechanism cannot serve, contrary to Sloan’s assertion, as an alternative to increasing direct public investment in child care ("SLOAN | Time has come for child-care savings accounts in Colorado," Aug. 6). Instead, the economics of child care — for both families and providers — requires an “all of the above” strategy to ensure that high-quality care is both available and affordable for all Colorado families.


Kelly SloanKelly SloanAugust 6, 20186min560

The cry goes up, as it does periodically, for the government to do something about the issue of child care expenses. More mothers are, of course, in the work force now than at any other time, and fewer households than ever claim a stay-at-home parent; so the problem is certainly acute, though the question is still asked in some corners as to what extent it is one that falls squarely on the government.